Sitting on a coastal valley above the Pacific, Villa Montefiori welcomes you into the heart of Valle de Guadalupe’s wine colony. Spanning almost 100 acres of vineyards, VM welcomes you to its newest flagship property.


All of our wines have been perfected within our own walls, we focus on Italian varietals and use highest quality technology that has been crafted down through generations of wine making in the Paoloni family.

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At Villa Montefiori, we want you to enjoy the stay as much as you enjoy your favorite moments. We chose all of our furniture with comfort in mind. Kick back and enjoy small moments with friends around an open space on our Tasting Room or sit close to that special someone as you share a meal and a bottle of our award winning wine.

Our Suites

Exquisite 2 bedroom suite with amazing views of the vineyards and its own private balcony.

Beautiful views of the lushly landscaped vineyard grounds and mountainside.

This exceptionally spacious room sleeps 4 persons, making them ideal for families.

Our Reviews

We loved the environment the second we arrived. The service was fantastic and we left feeling like wine was our new best friend.

Anton Delgado

Traveler, Food Reviewer

The room was bragworthy. This is where I’ll bring my friends from out of town from now on.

Shaelyn Miller

Italian food enthusiast